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White has remain an all time favourites for brides since Queen Victoria of England marriage to Albert in year 1840, interesting to note too that prior to her historic wedding gown choice, there weren´t any wedding gown preferred colour.

Not all brides prefer to marry in a white or pale princess ball gown, Brides from all over the world, originating each from their strong rich cultures opt to marry in vibrant, colourful dresses that also signifies well meaning, blessings and wishes on their wedding day, sort of like a silent prayer for blessed unions.

Here are the meanings behind their choice of colours to wear on their wedding day and who knows, your designer may be inspire to create something for you.

Chinese brides opt for red for good luck and joy and details of gold for fortunes and prosperities.

Any vibrant colours depending on the brides taste and favourites, they may opt to wear different colours for different celebrations throughout their wedding process. White, Black and Red is generally frown upon.

Bright yellow and gold is mostly preferred by young Indian brides that symbolizes wealth and blessings to herself, her husband and his families. Yellow and gold too bring out their wedding well known for their rich celebrations.

Like Indian Brides, the Moroccan brides choose bright yellow but they mean to ward of evil and green is another of their favourites because it brings good lucks and symbolizes greens and plants.

Jewish brides prefer to wear a white wedding gown to symbolise purity and clarity. Blues represents mystical and spiritual powers.

A lavish white Kimono detail or lined with red symbolises happiness and a new beginning.

To represent and display their love and devotion to their husband until death, Spanish brides wears lacy mantillas gown.

Lime-green wonsam is worn over the traditional wedding dress, the hanbok. Wonsam is embroided with flowers and butterflies with the colour red representing heaven, indigo for earth and yellow colour for humanity. For respect to the elders and her husband, her hands are covered in white.

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Just take a look at this card. Actually a wedding card. For the first time I saw, it stunned me up. WTH is this. haha... 

Do you dare to to make your card like this!! huhu, then I salute you:) It can be the most crazy card in your hometown. Try it:p